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Afropolitan Vibes In The Guardian

Afropolitan Vibes In The Guardian

The concert Afropolitan Vibes, hosted monthly by BANTU, was recently featured in the UK Guardian. We’re glad to see the movement getting some international press.

“The monthly Afropolitan Vibes night aims to revive a spirit of rebellion.

“Until recently, we artists would all have to meet in Europe – we’d go to Paris, London, Berlin, to record,” said the event’s dreadlocked creator, Ade Bantu. “The whole idea of Afropolitan Vibes is to bring it back to ourselves. We want to take all the complexity and coolness of being African, and to connect it to the realities on the ground.”

On a recent Saturday night, several-hundred sweating, foot-stomping, cheering fans watched Bantu open a show. “As a Nigerian, it’s almost your birthright and responsibility to know and study Fela’s musical genius. This is one of the few places trying to keep the tradition of the Shrine alive,” said audience member Tara Hecksher , as the crowd was wreathed in pungent smoke and palm wine flowed.”

Click here to read the full article and here to watch the video.

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