Interesting fact: Wura is widely regarded as one of the hardest working
percussionists in Nigeria; In addition to being part of the Bantu Collective, Wura
performs with a wide range of artists here and abroad including Keziah Jones
and Nneka; he has a monthly gig at Bogobiri where he performs with his own
band; he conducts workshops, and also performs solo at nightclubs drumming to
accompany house music beats.

Instrument: Congas.

Other instruments: All percussion instruments including one – the Sambabe
drums which were specially created and patented by him.

Musical background: As is the case with several other member of the Bantu
collective, performing at church marked the beginning of Wura’s career as a
musician. It was in church that a prophecy was revealed to Wura’s father that he
should buy a set of drums for his son because they could see that drums would
be a major part of his future. It wasn’t long before the then five-year-old Wura
got his first drum kit and quickly mastered the art of drumming.

Favourite genre: Jazz and Afrobeat

Future plans: To perform in an experimental trio group alongside a singer and
a saxophonist, and to one day perform with Ali Keita.

Other information: Conducts private lessons and group workshops and
performs with his own band ‘Wura Samba’ at Bogobiri every first Saturday of the
month. Also performs every Friday night at Sip Nightclub. For bookings, contact
Tel: 0802-354-0959 or Email: wuramusic@yahoo.com