No Man Stands Alone


No Man Stands Alone

  • Release date: 2010-10-29
  • Label: Faluma Records
  • Catalog #: fa006

  1. Marching To Aso Featuring Azadus

  2. No Man Stands Alone Featuring Lord Of Ajasa

  3. Ni Bo L’Anlo Featuring Fatai Rolling Dollar, Oranmiyan, Wurasamba

  4. Yanga Featuring Sehinde Jo

  5. I’m Waiting Featuring Nneka

  6. I Lost My Faith Featuring Abiodun

  7. Dem Dey Lie Featuring Soundsultan

  8. Show Them Love Featuring African China

  9. Travel & Sea Featuring Wanlov The Kubolor

  10. Turn Me On Featuring Dabyna